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We’re experts in Open Source software and work together with a wide array of partners to offer our customers the best possible expertise.

Latest Posts

Google Maps in Ionic Framework

How to use Google maps in the Ionic Framework? While working on the CarPal driver app today I tried to integrate Google maps. Basically we want to give drivers the opportunity to quickly view the exact location / area of a collection or drop-off point. (Most customers enter the zipcode only, which is obviously not very […]

Write structured code in WordPress – Taipei PHP Developer Group

Write structured code in WordPress One of the reasons we started using frameworks to write code is because we wanted to create standards. Our code needed to be maintainable, re-usable but also understandable for other developers. While most frameworks adopted the MVC-structure, WordPress doesn’t have such structure, thats to say, a developer is not forced […]

How to add custom PHP to WordPress all import?

The WP all import plugin is an awesome tool. Especially when used in combination with the WP Estate theme. Basically you can use the WP Estate theme to maintain a full directory of real estate listings. The WP all import plugin can be used as a tool to import real estate from an XML feed. […]

How to make an AJAX call in WordPress?

AJAX is getting more and popular within the WordPress framework. Today I was working on a shopping cart for a client. This shopping cart contains a discount function. In this case a user will enter a coupon number into an input field and the system needs to check if there is a discount related to […]

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